Breed Councils can make a difference

The Breed Councils are to be established for each breed in order to serve FIFe in an advisory capacity on breed standards, breeding rules and health issues. The Breed Council is to channel opinions and suggestions from the individual FIFe breeder through the Breed Council Secretary. The Breed Councils are represented at the General Assembly by the Breed Council Administrator.

So if you have an issue or concern that you believe we should know about or can help with, please contact our Breed Council Secretary who will bring this to the attention of the other Breed Council members and to the relevant FIFe Executive if appropriate.


Oriental Shorthair Ticked Tabby


Project Archives

January 2004 - SIA BC-Members have voted and approved a 1st proposal - to change 'ear part' Standard Cat. IV - that has been sent to the FIFe LO commission. Download flyer


Changes/updates in the
Breeding & Registration Rules

January 2005 - ORS/ORL changed to OSH/OLH

May 2006 - correction article 6.1 [4.1]:  corrected recommended outcross for SYL/SYS now SIA, OSH, BAL, OLH

January 2011 - article 6 [2.6.14]: Deletion Obsolete restrictions for SIA/BAL

January 2014 - Recognition Oriental white (blue-eyed, green-eyed and odd-eyed)

January 2016 - From 1 January 2016 Seychellois Shorthair will be named Siamese (with white) and the Seychellois Longhair Balinese (with white).